Muslim Sits Next to Eric Trump on Plane, Learns He’s Not a Threat to Non-Radical Muslims


A Muslim comic who sat next to President-elect Donald Trump’s son on a transatlantic flight found out just how ridiculous the media’s narrative regarding Trump and Islam is.

According to The Hill, comic Mohammed Amer was flying to Glasgow, Scotland, when he was seated next to one of the most famous political children in the world — Eric Trump.

“Hey guys heading to Scotland to start the U.K. Tour and I am ‘randomly’ chosen to sit next to non (sic) other than Eric Trump,” Amer posted on Facebook Thursday.

“Good news guys Muslims will not have to check in and get IDs. That’s what I was told. I will be asking him a lot of questions on this trip to Glasgow, Scotland. Sometimes God just sends you the material. #Merica #UKTour #HumanAppeal #ThisisNotAnEndorsement #Trump2016ComedyTour”

Al-Arabiya said that reactions on Facebook were typical responses to the media’s narrative.

“Ask him what they plan to do about the white supremicists (sic) in his father’s team and all of them that support his father from among the people,” user Siraaj Muhammad wrote.

“You are a better person than I am Mo. I would have asked to move,” user Sara Wessling said (Amer joked that his seat was “too comfortable”).

Perhaps most interesting was the fact that most of what the media has been reporting about Trump’s draconian measures on Islamic terrorism seems to be a preposterous fiction, at least if you believe what Eric Trump is saying.

Yes, the president-elect is harder on extremist Islam than either President Barack Obama was or former first lady Hillary Clinton would have been — not that that bar is set very high. After Paris, Nice, Orlando, San Bernardino and Brussels, is this a bad thing?

Our policy toward radical Islam must be driven by reality, not kumbaya agenda pushing. That doesn’t mean that new Dark Age envisioned by the sensationalist media is going to come to pass.

When the Trumps speak to the people — without media filter — their ideas seem a lot more reasonable.

Perhaps that should make America realize that the problem isn’t Trump’s policies — it’s the way they’re being sold to us by a media that’s diametrically opposed to anything the president-elect does. Please like and share on Facebook and Twitter if you agree.

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