MTV Pulls “New Years Resolutions for White Guys” Ad After MASSIVE Backlash


On Dec. 19, MTV released a controversial video, dubbed “2017 Resolutions for White Guys,” which essentially outlined several ways in which white males could “do better” in the new year.

The 81-second video gave snarky advice to white guys, such as to stop “mansplaining” and saying “All Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter.”

However, less than 48 hours later, the liberal entertainment group had taken down the video after receiving massive backlash from people of all races, genders and ages, RealClearPolitics reported.

Of course nearly the entire video was an thinly veiled attack on President-elect Donald Trump and the “white guys” who supported him. In fact, the very first grievance expressed in the video hinted at Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

“First off, try to recognize that America was never great for anyone who wasn’t a white guy,” a minority female said.

Then came the attacks on our country’s police officers and the people who have taken a stand for them in the wake of widespread anti-police sentiment and violence.

“Also, Blue Lives Matter isn’t a thing,” a white male argued, which was followed by a black male explaining that “(c)ops weren’t born with blue skin — right? I mean — yeah! They weren’t born blue.”

A white female further advised white males to “learn what mansplaining is and then stop doing it.”

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a truly liberal production if there weren’t some attack on Fox News.

“We all love Beyoncé and yeah, she’s black, so of course she cares about black issues. I’m talking to you, Fox News,” a black male said.

Finally, the video wrapped up with a lecture to the effect that just because white folks may have black friends doesn’t mean they’re not racist, and concluded that white men should “do a little better in 2017” because “2016 was bad.”

Less than two days later, however, the video had been proven largely unsuccessful, as many people — black, white, male, female, Democrat and Republican — condemned it and MTV for producing it.

“I’m not even white, and this rustled my jimmies,” one YouTuber said.

In taking down the ill-advised video, MTV essentially admitted that it was wrong to produce it in the first place, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they still didn’t realize that making an anti-white-male propaganda video was more racist than any of what they protested in the video.

If you can stomach it, you can watch the video here, which was recovered and uploaded by YouTuber “Plainview”:

H/T NewsBusters

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