MSNBC Host Immediately Cuts Feed After Guest Says He Wants Trump To Succeed

MSNBC Host Immediately Cuts Feed After Guest Says He Wants Trump To Succeed

When we hear about cutting the mic to silence anyone with a conservative viewpoint, the culprit is usually CNN. However, don’t discount MSNBC — when it comes to conspicuous feed cutting, it’s certainly no slouch.

We found this out again on Tuesday morning when Robert Traynham appeared on the network to discuss the Trump administration. All he had to say were five words before host Stephanie Ruhle decided to cut the feed.

What were the five words that Traynham said about Trump? “I want him to succeed.”

Yep, Trump succeeding was simply too much for the people at MSNBC. Take a look:

“At the end of the day, what he is saying from a rhetorical standpoint, it hurts, there’s no doubt about it,” Traynham said in response to Trump-basher Louise Mensch. “But I want him to succeed because I want our country to succeed. We cannot fail.”

Host Ruhle then said that they needed to go to break. Instead, what they actually did was went to a static shot of a podium where Donald Trump was going to speak later. It was no less than 30 seconds before you can even hear the bumper music begin to play them out to the commercial break. Very subtle, MSNBC!

Traynham, now with the Bipartisan Policy Center, served as an intern during the Clinton administration. According to his bio on that organization’s site, he then went on to be a senior aide and press secretary for Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, before moving on to deputy chief of staff and communications director for the Senate Republican Conference.

Pretty impressive stuff, but he wants the president to succeed, and that’s a big no-no.

Of all of the left-leaning networks, MSNBC is the most openly ideological, so this is little surprise. However, it is quite surprising to see that even saying you want Trump to succeed can end with you getting cut off.

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