MSM is Now Consulting with Fiction Writers

MSM is Now Consulting with Fiction Writers

Many of us have at some point read a novel that seemed to be ripped directly from the headlines of the day, but have we ever considered whether some of those headlines of the day have instead been pulled from fiction? In other words, fake news?

According to Newsbusters, such an absurdity could in fact be reality as a writer for a major media outlet recently posted an article revealing that he had consulted with several authors of spy novels to get their take on the whole “Russia/Trump” collusion narrative.

For a piece for The Associated Press, writer Hillel Italie spoke with five novelists, some of whom admittedly have a background in spycraft, who “have been challenged, amused, angered and inspired” by the intrigue surrounding possible links between members of President Donald Trump’s team and Russian intelligence officials.

“The plot line was an American presidential candidate who has a secret that’s so bad it would ensure his or her impeachment, and the only person who would know the secret is (Russian President) Vladimir Putin,” explained retired CIA officer and author Jason Matthews of a book he began working on last year, though he has set it aside for now.

He has instead shifted his attention to another book about the Russians developing an asset inside the CIA, one whose national goals seem in line with the misinterpreted and supposedly Russophilic positions of Trump, that is, to “weaken NATO, dissolve the Atlantic alliance, break up the European Union.”

Another former CIA agent-turned-spy-novelist, Michael R. Davidson, has teamed up with Russian writer Kseniya Kirillova to work on a novel about the Russians placing a mole inside the White House who works subversively to get economic sanctions lifted off of the Russians.

He spoke of putting the finishing touches on the novel during the final stretch of the 2016 election, noting, “All the while we were increasingly bemused and concerned by the Russian contacts of (Trump campaign chairman) Paul Manafort and (foreign policy adviser) Carter Page, not to mention (military adviser Michael) Flynn, but it was a case of fiction becoming reality.”

Another author, David Downing, who has written a book about an American businessman working with Nazi Germany during World War II, said of Trump, “This is what you get for electing a self-defining businessman/deal-maker as president — someone who can’t be relied on to put the national interest first, while, of course, loudly insisting that that’s exactly what he’s doing.”

Considering all of the unproven, patently false and pure fiction stories that have been pushed by the media for the past several months regarding possible ties between Trump and Russia, one would not be too cynical in wondering if this isn’t the first time journalists have consulted with novelists for “fake news” article material.

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