When Mom’s Baby Bawls, Rude Waiter Says ‘Shut That Thing Up.’ Then Voice Sounds From Behind Him…


It has happened to us all: you’re trying to enjoy a meal in a cafe when the shrieks of someone’s kid interrupts your scrumptious forkful of eggs Benedict. You inwardly complain that babies are annoying and should be kept under control when they’re out in public.

For those who are parents and grandparents, it’s a little easier to have compassion when someone’s small child struggles to keep quiet at a restaurant. For those without kids, the situation can be really hard to swallow –why can’t parents just control their children?

Trust me, I used to be the ultimate judger of parents with young children. Then the good Lord gave me three children of my own, and let’s just say that I’ve been served a well-deserved meal of humble pie.

A young man without kids was given a swift rebuke by his own father after voicing his annoyance over a crying baby in a restaurant. Mother Lucy Hatami from Hertfordshire in the UK told the delightful story of the incident, which resulted in a delicious, free breakfast for herself.

Hatami wrote a Facebook post explaining that she was trying to have breakfast with her crying 8-month-old son, Ben, when a young man in his early 20’s felt he had to say something. “I wish she’d shut that thing up!” the young man grumbled.

Before Hatami had time to respond, the young man’s father grabbed him by the ear and dished out a harsh reprimand. “What and you think you were perfect? You were a right little [pain in the butt].”

The father continued, “Now stop being a brat, go up there and apologize to her and offer to get her breakfast as she clearly has her hands full!” Well played, Dad.

Moments later, Hatami and her now-quiet son were tucking into a delicious meal, compliments of the father and son. “So I got my buffet breakfast with waiter service along with a lovely coffee,” Hatami wrote.

“Thank you to that dad who even after 20 odd years still remembers the difficulty of being parents to babies!” she concluded. Her story quickly went viral, with parents worldwide applauding how the father handled his judgmental son.

“I honestly wasn’t thinking it would go as viral as it has,” Hatami said of her popular story. “I was just writing a fb status about the bizarre encounter I had.”

We can all use a rebuke from time to time about the way we respond to situations that annoy us. Do you think this father did the right thing?

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Source: liftable.com