Mom of Three Asks Neighbor to Babysit. Neighbor’s Left Raising Eight Kids after Mom Dies Suddenly

Mom of Three Asks Neighbor to Babysit Neighbors Left Raising Eight Kids after Mom Dies Suddenly

Tisha Beauchmin says anybody else in her situation would have done the same thing. However, her humility undermines just how incredible she is.

I am referring to her compassion in opening her home to three children whose mother died. With the three newcomers, her own husband, their five kids, and herself, the ten of them share a house too small to fit them all.

Spending only a few moments with Tisha, it is easy to see just how big her heart is and how much she cares for the three newcomers in addition to her original family of seven. Thankfully, her efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Recently, the Fox 5 “Surprise Squad,” a group dedicated to “helping make the day a little brighter” for those in the Las Vegas area heard Tisha’s story. Nominated by Elizabeth Thames, the Surprise Squad decided to pay the Beauchmins a visit.

According to Elizabeth, the Beauchmins’ neighbor across the street, Audrey, asked Tisha to watch after her three children while she went into the hospital for testing. This was not an unusual request because two of their daughters are close friends and have had sleepovers many times before.

Unfortunately, when the test results came back, Audrey learned she had stage two esophageal and stomach cancer. Only two weeks later, it had progressed to a much more serious level, leaving Audrey only a short time left to spend with her children and make arrangements for them so they would be cared for after her imminent death.

Unable to fathom the three children entering the foster care system, Tisha decided to take action. She remembers how it all happened, recounting that “On the 22nd of November, my neighbor passed away. She thought for sure she had another year to live. Now I am trying to become a foster mom so I can become their mom.”

Other than their daughters being friends, Tisha and Audrey did not know each other very well. Asked by Fox 5 what compelled her to take the three children in as her own, Tisha answered, “Because they are kids.”

She went on to elaborate by recalling her own past and experiences with being orphaned, saying, “I had to go into a foster home and I don’t want them to ever have to deal with anything I had to deal with as a child because children deserve to be children. They have been through too much. They deserve a loving family and a place to call home.”

Now, the family is faced with the need to renovate their already small and cramped home as well as add furniture in order to accommodate the three new additions. Kayden and Kendall, two of the boys, sleep in the loft together and so the family is looking to construct a wall in order to make the space a real bedroom.

Destiny and Miranda sleep together in the same bed in another room. Alycia and Morgan are the two friends who brought these families together and are used to sleeping together in the same bed in Morgan’s room.

Holly is seventeen, and she sleeps on the first floor in the room adjacent to the kitchen. Tisha’s oldest son, Chad, sleeps on the recliner in the living room.

If you ask him though, he is not bitter, but has the same attitude as his mother. “I’m at work a lot so I would much rather me sleep on it before any of them sleep on it,” he says about his humble sleeping arrangements.

The Surprise Squad showed up on Tisha’s doorstep, telling her they were going to put up the wall in the boys’ room and pay for the entire family to stay in a hotel for a few days while they made the necessary renovations to the home. What they did not tell her, however, was that they were also going to replace the furniture and give each child their own bed, change the carpets, and repaint the house, all in addition to building the wall.

Thanks to United Nissan, America First Credit Union, Albertsons, Vons, and other individual donors, the new family was able to go home to an incredible surprise. But the surprises did not end there.

Since they were unable to add on an additional room for Chad, he was given $1,500 to use toward an apartment for himself. The family also received a year’s worth of free groceries to help them make the transition to a larger family.

Tisha’s husband, Kevin, said, “It’s usually hard to figure out how we’re going to get food—and we always do it—but we are not going to have to stress about that.” The entire family was in complete awe over the generosity.

But Tisha believes she was doing what anyone else would have done if faced with her same situation. She said, “It’s overwhelming that somebody would do this for me and my family. I didn’t do anything too special. I did what anybody in my shoes would have done.”

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