Mom Settles Score With Package Thief Only Way She Knows How… Leaves Christian Note


While thieves stealing packages off of front porches is a year-round concern, reports of such theft become especially rampant during the Christmas season.

Some homeowners have struck back against the thieves by leaving special packages designed to fool them, sometimes rigged to explode harmlessly when opened or packed with something disgusting like dog excrement.

But when one Alabama woman discovered that a thief had stolen a present she had ordered for her 6-year-old daughter, she decided to take a different route in order to send a message to whoever was responsible for the crime.

Rather than rig a fake package or seek to press charges in order to exact her revenge, Birmingham resident Staci Luker instead issued an unexpected message of forgiveness, love and understanding.

WBRC reported that Luker posted a note to her front door, the first part of which instructed any delivery people to return the packages to their facility or the apartment front office if nobody was home to accept it.

The rest of the note, however, was directed at whoever had stolen the contents of the initial package, and it is about the last thing that would be expected from someone who just got ripped off.

“If the person who stole the package reads this, we are not mad. Sad, but not mad,” she wrote. “If you return the package, no questions will be asked and the package will be given to a child in need. If you stole them because you are genuinely in need or can’t buy for your children, we would like to help you or direct you to someone who can. You are prayed for and very loved. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas.”

You can see it here:


The note was signed, “Jesus loves you!!!”

“We try to teach our kids it’s about being kind to others and loving other people,” Luker told WBRC. “Our kids are going to see that note on the door. If I leave an angry note, that’s what my kids are going to see every day, or we can show kids how to love people.”

You can watch local coverage regarding the theft and the note here:
WBRC FOX6 News – Birmingham, AL

This mom’s response was admirable, but likely has some liberals hopping mad.

“Merry Christmas”? “Jesus loves you”?

What if the thief isn’t a Christian? He might be offended! Couldn’t she have just written “Happy Holidays,” instead?

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