Mom Pulled Over for Speeding, In Disbelief Over What Cop Wrote on Ticket


We’ve all had those days where nothing seems to be going our way. Maybe you lost your keys, missed an important meeting, and got a speeding ticket—or maybe you faced all these situations on one day!

Ayla Hemeon, a South Carolina mother, was having one of those days. Despite her busy schedule, she wanted to give her parents a pumpkin that her family had carved for them.

She loaded up the car with the pumpkin and her daughter, Tara. As she drove to her parents’ house, her mind was already a step ahead.

Hemeon was anxious to get Tara home to complete her homework before it got too late. Before she realized what she was doing, a police car pulled behind her with flashing lights.

She immediately was pulled away from her mental to-do list and onto the side of the road to wait for the police officer. The officer asked Hemeon if she could give a lawful reason to account for her speeding.

Unfortunately, dropping off a pumpkin at her parents’ house and trying to get her daughter home to do school work was not a valid answer. At least, Hemeon would have never guessed that it could be.

She explained the reasoning for her actions. She also made sure to tell the officer that she was not trying to get out of a ticket.

She accepted responsibility and watched the officer walk back to his car. Hemeon watched as he began writing on a white slip of paper.

Maybe she was not having as bad of a day as she thought because the officer handed her back a warning rather than the expected ticket! She was relieved and thankful.

When she got home, she took a second look at the warning that the officer handed her. She began to tear up when she realized what he actually wrote on the ticket!

Thankfully, her day had gotten even better thanks to the kindness of an officer who went above and beyond to commend a dedicated daughter and caring mother. I could not believe it either when I saw the officer’s message!

He wrote, “Thanks for all that you do. You could have spent Sunday alone, but your [sic] spending it helping your parents and daughter. Have a good day.”

It was impossible for Hemeon to not have a good day after reading the encouraging note. We never know how far a little encouragement can go in a person’s life!

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