Mom and Dad Haven’t Seen Their Soldier Son in Entire Year, Watch Moment They Realize He’s Feet Away

Mom and Dad Havent Seen Their Soldier Son in Entire Year Watch Moment They Realize Hes Feet Away

One year…365 days. It can go by fast, but “waiting for next year” can feel like an eternity.

The wait can seem especially long when you are waiting for your son to return home. A son whom you haven’t seen during that entire time.

Such was the plight of Rick and Judy Chandler. The Henderson, Kentucky, couple had last seen their son, Captain Chaplain Owen Chandler, in January 2016.

Since that time, he traveled the world, including a 9-month stint in Iraq. During that time, he was awarded a Bronze Star for his service.

Unfortunately back on the home front, things weren’t going as well. Both of his parents have had health issues.

In fact just a week prior, Rick Chandler had been hospitalized. All of this made travel on them difficult.

So when Owen Chandler had time, he felt like a visit would be in order. A surprise visit.

Chandler knew he would need some help to pull this off, so he turned to the two people he knew he could trust, his mother’s sisters Pat Pryor and Sandy Hester. The two aunts devised the perfect plan.

And just like that, Chandler’s original idea of a small homecoming party became something more. As the sisters planned, more and more people were invited — relatives, friends, and neighbors.

Soon, the plan was set. The three sisters had a standing, monthly dinner where they could eat and talk and enjoy each other’s company.

Hester told Judy Chandler that the upcoming dinner would be special, because she had an “announcement.” Judy was intrigued. The stage was set.

On the appointed day, Chandler’s mother and father entered the back room of Rookie’s Sports Bar. As they did, confusion crossed their faces.

There in the dining area seemed to be everyone they had ever known. They took a few steps into the room and then it happened.

Chandler had been out of sight, just off to the side of the entranceway. He stepped out.

His mother saw him first and the scream she let out was pure joy. Dad turned to see what was happening and almost immediately, all three were in a deep, year-overdue hug.

Chandler’s family stood behind him as the assembled crowd clapped and cheered. They cheered for the soldier but, perhaps, they cheered a little more for the display of love before them.

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