Mom Comes Home to Wonderful Smelling “Soap,” Horrified to Learn What It Really Is

Mom Comes Home to Wonderful Smelling Soap Horrified to Learn What It Really Is

Any parent will tell you that with children around, there is never, ever a dull moment.

One Southern mother recently experienced the reality of this truth, and it’s simply too shocking and hilarious not to share.

Ashford Evans, a mother and a blogger, told the story of how after returning to her home after a business meeting, she noted that the bathroom had a sweet citrus smell that was unfamiliar to her. It was coming from a bar of soap she didn’t remember buying.

However, the smell of the soap was so nice, she disregarded where it came from, and returned to the bathroom often to use it or to simply enjoy the smell of it.

When one of her children commented on how nice the soap was, Evans asked her where it came from.

As you might guess, this is where things start to get bad. Really bad.

The child happily reported that her brother found the soap in “the boys’ bathroom at Taekwondo and brought it home.”

It only took seconds for Evans to realize the soap wan’t soap after all. Are you ready?

It was a urinal cake, or a urinal deodorizer block, as they are sometimes called. Urinal cakes are designed to absorb the smells produced by urine that doesn’t always end up going down the drain. They come in all shapes and colors … and in lovely fragrances.

Evans did what any mother would do and immediately threw the “soap” away, but she was tormented by thoughts of how many times she and her family used it from the moment it entered their home on Wednesday, to Saturday when she discovered what it actually was.

Her reaction was similar to what we might guess, but this story gets even wilder. Evans said in an interview with Babble that after she posted about the experience online she called her husband.

When he answered the phone, she said he was gagging:

“I asked him what was wrong and he said, ‘I just saw your Facebook post. I had no idea what that thing was. I thought it was a piece of dried fruit: I almost tasted it. WHAT IF I HAD TASTED IT?’”

This might be the sickest, funniest, most disgusting and hilarious thing I’ve read in a long time.

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