Mom BREAKS in Front of Coworker, Reveals Struggles. But Has NO IDEA Who’s REALLY in Front of Her

Mom BREAKS in Front of Coworker Reveals Struggles But Has NO IDEA Whos REALLY in Front of Her

Sometimes you just have to let things out. Each of us faces personal struggles, which we sometimes keep bottled up inside.

Maybe it’s because we don’t want to “burden” someone else. Or perhaps we’re just embarrassed to admit that things are not as good as perhaps we have let on.

But keeping things wound up inside often only tends to make things worse. Besides, the act of just talking about your hardships can make them seem not as bad.

Plus, you never really know who is listening. Take what happened to Deanna.

Deanna is a shift supervisor at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. It’s a job that she has stated saved her life.

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A high school dropout, she developed a drug habit and had a hard life. She is now a single mother of two boys with a steady job.

Tragedy still follows her though. She recently lost her father to cancer and she herself is fighting liver cancer.

That’s a lot for one person to handle alone, so when she met a new employee during the course of their shift together, she shared her story.

Deanna thought that she was telling her story to an average employee whom she had been asked to train. In fact she was talking to CEO John Fuller who was in disguise as part of his participation on the television show Undercover Boss.

After Fuller’s shift, he met Deanna and revealed who he was. Then he showed he displayed an amazing amount of compassion.

He gave Deanna $20,000 to help with her medical bills. Fuller also pledged to create a college fund with $20,000 each for her two sons!

And the kicker? He would help her get her high school diploma and, when she did, she would be awarded $10,000!

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