Missouri Kicks 41,000 Welfare Recipients Off the Taxpayer Payroll


The state of Missouri passed legislation in 2015 that limited how long people could receive welfare benefits, and now that 2016 has come to a close the first results of the legislation have come in, Missourinet reported.

Reportedly, almost 41,000 people are now off of food stamps, thanks to the reforms passed in 2015.

The law that was passed in 2015 prevented the state of Missouri from extending food stamp benefits for anyone beyond the three months mandated by a 1996 federal welfare law unless those in question met certain requirements, KSDK reported.

Anyone who isn’t either working at least 80 hours per month, participating in qualifying education and training activities for 80 hours per month, or complying with a workfare program cannot receive food stamps for more than three months every three years.

KTTS noted that Republicans have argued that those who are no longer on food stamps were likely on them too long in the first place, and the money that was being saved could help put people to work.

The number of people who are no longer on food stamps is quite encouraging. Food stamps and similar governmental assistance programs are meant to be temporary supports while people get back on their feet, but liberals have turned a program meant as a last resort into a way of life for people that costs the taxpayers billions of dollars every year. The American people are fed up with it.

Hopefully other states will follow Missouri’s example and get people off of food stamps and into stable jobs where they can actually contribute to society.

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Source: conservativetribune.com