Minneapolis Man Charged With Raping Woman On Local Transport


A recent immigrant from Somalia has denied having raped a woman at knife point while riding a commercial bus through Minneapolis.

According to KVLY, 22-year-old Mohamed Ayanle said his relations with the woman were consensual, but has been charged with first and third degree criminal sexual misconduct, both felonies.

Furthermore, the criminal could face changes regarding his immigrant status in the United States.

The female victim told police that the act was definitely not consensual and described what happened in detail.

The unidentified victim said she and Ayanle had boarded the bus at the same time. That’s when the criminal asked the lady to join him in the back of the bus to watch a movie on his cellphone.

Aware that Ayanle had a knife, the victim said she left her 7-year-old daughter sleeping in the front of the bus and joined him in the back. That’s when he raped her.

Unfortunately, Ayanle was freed from jail shortly after his arrest thanks to a low bail posting.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has yet to comment on the crime.

Sadly, events such as these are only becoming more common. Weak immigration laws and a lack of vetting by the federal government have led to an influx of dangerous criminals to the U.S.

The Boston Globe reported that criminal immigrants were in fact more likely to commit the same crime in the U.S. The news source said about 30 percent of criminal immigrants tend to re-offend.

According to Fox News, ICE released more than 30,000 criminal immigrants onto U.S. streets in 2014. Among the unnumbered crimes committed by those immigrants were homicide, rape, kidnapping and sexual assault. Yet the government seems to turn a blind eye to the crimes.

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Source: conservativetribune.com