Military Col. Shock Charge… Somalis 1 of Most Dangerous Islamic Groups


On Monday, a Somali immigrant named Abdul Razak Ali Artan rammed his car into a crowd of people at an Ohio State University building, attempted to stab some of them, and was shot and killed by a police officer.

Initial reports seemed to indicate that this may have been an Islamic State group-inspired attack (though no confirmation had yet been made), and the incident has renewed calls on the right for stricter immigration policies from countries that have serious Islamic terrorism problems.

In that context, Col. Ralph Peters appeared Wednesday on Fox News, where he explained that in his opinion Somali immigrants were the community that needed the most monitoring because they don’t assimilate.

“We do have real problems with some groups, and it’s not PC to say it, but Somalis have been a real problem,” he said.

“Why? Because they don’t integrate,” Peters explained. “They concentrate, they refuse to integrate.”

Peters went on to suggest that if a large group of immigrants is refusing to assimilate, like the Somalis as he claimed, then they deserve “greater surveillance, if they are producing, per capita, so many terrorists.”

You can see his comments here:

Even if Peters is right in his arguments, liberals would never admit that. They would fight to the end of time to stop such surveillance, because they are more concerned with political correctness than they are with winning the war on terror.

Early in the interview, Peters, who RealClearPolitics noted had previously stated he would vote for Clinton, expressed optimism that President-elect Trump wouldn’t be as politically correct as President Barack Obama and would therefore be able to deal with this terrorist threat better.

Peters has long criticized Obama for his failed foreign policy. The Washington Free Beacon noted that Peters once called Obama’s foreign policy the “most disastrous” of his lifetime.

Trump weighed in on the Ohio State attack on Twitter, stating that the attacker “should not have been in our country.” Trump has previously expressed his support for “extreme vetting” of people coming into this country from places with high levels of terrorism.

We need a government that isn’t afraid to name our enemy and confront it head-on, and hopefully Trump’s government will do exactly that.

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