Mike Pence Calls For Trump Supporters To Monitor Polling Places


Throughout nearly the entirety of his candidacy, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been informing his supporters about just how much the “system is rigged,” particularly against outsiders such as himself who threaten to disrupt the status quo enjoyed by establishment figures on both sides of the aisle.

In light of recent revelations about just how corrupt the system truly is and how overwhelmingly biased the mainstream media is in protecting the system they thrive in, Trump has amplified his cries, encouraging supporters to be on the lookout for blatant examples of voter fraud by Democrats.

According to The Hill, Trump’s running mate has been echoing the call for supporters to watch out for voter fraud in various polling places, also telling rally-goers in Ohio that the liberal media “is trying to rig this election with their biased coverage.”

“In terms of the actual vote itself — if you’re here at a rally and you’ve not yet volunteered to participate in the electoral process by respectfully providing accountability at a polling place come Election Day, then you haven’t yet done all you can do,” Indiana Gov. Mike Pence said.

“Voter fraud cannot be tolerated by anyone in this nation,” he continued. “Demand that our public officials are upholding the integrity of the vote, but do all you can to respectfully participate in the process and ensure the outcome, an outcome we can all be proud of.”

To be sure, Democrats and media pundits allied with the Clinton campaign have forcefully denounced any sort of notion that there is any sort of voter fraud going on in the election, essentially calling Trump, Pence and their supporters “sore losers” for even bringing up the supposed non-issue.

But the swift denunciations from liberals ring hollow when compared with video evidence of Democrat operatives plotting widespread fraud and leaked emails revealing campaign coordination with the biased media, basically proving both of Trump’s suppositions of the election being “rigged” as true.

It remains to be seen if enough fraud is committed in the 2016 election to secure a victory for the Democrats, but one surefire method for Trump’s supporters to overcome any potential fraud and catapult their candidate into the Oval Office is by showing up at the polls in massive numbers that will utterly swamp any fraudulent activities.

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Source: conservativetribune.com