Migrants Beat Up Journalist Exposing Migrant Rape Epidemic


One of the more serious ramifications of the Syrian refugee crisis is the prevalence of sexual assaults against women by some refugees.

Sweden, which has been deemed the “rape capital of the West” by the Gatestone Institute, has seen a radical transformation in its culture as a result of immigration. Some areas have become so dangerous they have been declared Muslim “no-go” zones, meaning those that are not Muslim do not dare enter.

Journalist and filmmaker Ami Horowitz was filing a documentary a few months ago about these zones and the rape epidemic in Stockholm, Sweden. He claimed that Sweden has taken in more Islamic refugees per capita than any other Western nation, including Turkey.

He spoke with Breitbart about his experience when covering the rape epidemic in Sweden — and it was terrifying.

Once in the area, Horowitz and his team were approached by five men who told them to leave. Horowitz’s crew left, but he did not, and when he tried to ask why he could not be there, he was assaulted by the men.

Not only was he beaten, he was dragged into a building where he thought they might beat him to death. He was saved only when someone opened their apartment door and his attackers fled.

Watch Horowitz’s account below:

No-go areas are so serious a problem in Sweden that police do not even enter them without an “armed convoy,” Horowitz said, adding that they are like “a state within a state.”

You can also listen to his interview with Breitbart below:

It’s astonishing to know that places like this exist where refugees have simply refused to assimilate, but what’s even more shocking is the how the Swedish government has seemingly failed to recognize its mistake by allowing so many immigrants to cross the border and take over.

It’s a terrible fate we cannot allow to happen to our country.

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