MIGHTY: Pentagon Unveils “Doomsday” EMP Artillery Shell

Pentagon Unveils Doomsday EMP Artillery Shell

While President-elect Donald Trump has stated that he wants the United States to have better relations with Russia, we all know that sometimes what we want isn’t how things turn out.

The Pentagon is always preparing the military for any potential conflict, and a recent “solicitation” from the Pentagon showed that they were still thinking of new ways to maintain America’s battlefield superiority, the federal government’s Small Business Innovation Research program reported.

The Pentagon was seeking to develop a new munition that would be capable of wiping out electronics over a large area without causing any actual damage to infrastructure.

The government was soliciting a company to “(d)evelop and demonstrate an innovative, cost-effective, munitions-based electronics system that can deliver non-destructive, non-kinetic RF (radiofrequency) effects against a wide range of electronics, critical infrastructure and computer-based systems.”

Initially the weapon would be designed to fit in a 155 mm shell, but it could later be modified for use in smaller munitions.

This sort of electromagnetic pulse device is something that could make a conflict with Russia (or any other nation, for that matter), end very quickly. By knocking out the electronics of an enemy, the device would hinder the enemy’s ability to communicate and to coordinate its response to American military action.

Of course we should also be concerned because it is possible that this sort of weapon could be used against American cities in a conflict, assuming our enemies are developing similar devices.

The United States military has dabbled with EMP weapons before, but this latest solicitation appears to be the most specific path toward a real and usable weapon to date.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

H/T U.K. Daily Mail