Michigan Electoral College Member Receives Death Threats Ahead Of Vote


Michael Banerian, an Electoral College elector from Michigan, said Wednesday on Fox News that he has received hundreds of threats from Hillary Clinton supporters.

“I’ve had people threatening to put a bullet in the back of my mouth, people saying to throw myself in front of a bus,” Banerian said.

Electoral College members such Banerian are set to cast their votes for president Monday. Some Democrats who oppose the election of Donald Trump as president are trying to convince at least 37 Republican electors to change their support from Trump in an effort to prevent him from officially claiming the White House.

Banierian said many of the threats have come from Facebook, and some people have sent him gruesome images, such as pictures of a noose. He also said not all of the messages are coming from Michigan.

“I’m getting most of my letters from California and New York,” Banerian said.

Since the threats began, he has filed a police report.

Banerian, a political science major at Oakland University and the youth chair of the Michigan Republican Party, said he has not received any in-person threats. One threat came from an individual he went to high school with, but had not spoken to in four years.

Others have simply written threats on his Facebook page or sent him a letter. Banerian says he receives an average of six or seven angry post-election letters at his home each day.

Despite the threats, he still supports the Electoral College system, and has high expectations for president-elect Trump.

Banerian said he believes Trump will repeal the Affordable Care Act and carry out tax reform.

Trump received 306 electoral votes in the November presidential election. A minimum of 270 is required to officially win the election.

Texas Republican elector Christopher Suprun has already said he will not vote for the president-elect on Dec. 19, and claims other Republican electors have told him they plan to do the same.

Since he made his position known via an op-ed piece in the New York Times, Suprun said has received death threats.

“Some people want to talk to me, some people to thank me and some people want to kill me for this,” Suprun told the Houston Press.

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