Michelle Obama Goes On Oprah To Complain About Trump And Fate Of America


For the past month, liberals have been slogging around painting apocalyptic pictures of the future and predicting that President-elect Donald Trump will single-handedly destroy everything America is and stands for.

First lady Michelle Obama decided to jump on the bandwagon during a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey in which she proclaimed that there was no hope for the future, the U.K. Daily Mail reported.

“Now we’re feeling what not having hope feels like. Hope is necessary,” she explained.

Obama also used her opportunity to take one last shot at Trump before people stop caring what she thinks completely, implying that America needs to have a “grown up” in the White House — not Trump.

“Having a grown up in the White House who can say to you in times of crisis and turmoil, ‘Hey, it’s gonna be OK,’ … is important for our kids to stay focused and to feel like their work isn’t in vain and their lives aren’t in vain,” she stated.

It’s almost funny to hear Obama talk about people not having hope because of Trump. For the past eight years, millions of Americans have had no hope under the Obama administration as they have watched their jobs leave for China and Mexico and America’s standing in the world plummet

Politico noted that Obama also used the interview to praise her husband, saying that he gave America hope and that his legacy will always be remembered.

It must be nice to live in a fantasy world.

The full interview with Obama will be aired Monday, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Trump has given the American people more hope in the past eight weeks than President Barack Obama has given them in eight years. Trump has saved American jobs and has shown that he isn’t afraid to confront our enemies.

The least the Obamas could do is afford Trump the same respect and courtesy that former President George W. Bush afforded them. After Obama won, you didn’t see former first lady Laura Bush going on TV and proclaiming that America was doomed.

Give Trump a chance. He’s surprised everyone over the past year, and we’re sure he has more surprises up his sleeve.

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Source: conservativetribune.com