Michael Moore Claims Venezuela is a Socialist Paradise

Michael Moore Claims Venezuela is a Socialist Paradise

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore must be off his rocker if he really believes that Venezuela’s socialism has proven beneficial for its starving and suffering masses.

Yet Moore apparently believes as such, judging by his tweets, meaning he has either lost his mind or is dumber than a box of rocks.

“Hugo Chavez declared the oil belonged 2 the ppl,” he wrote on Twitter Sunday, referencing the late Venezuelan president. “He used the oil $ 2 eliminate 75% of extreme poverty, provide free health & education 4 all.”

Sure, and by doing that, Chavez completely demolished the nation’s economy, transforming Venezuela from a rich and at least somewhat prosperous nation to a total ruin.

As noted by ABC News in a report published four years ago, Chavez’ misguided attempts to expropriate or nationalize major industries — food production, transportation, farming, banking, the media, etc.– crippled not only the respective industries but private business as well.

As a result, prices skyrocketed, the cost of living became nearly impossible to attain, the Venezuelan bolívar suffered devastating losses and the country became a hotbed of misery and conflict. The most recent survey of living conditions in Venezuela found that approximately 32 percent of the nation’s people ate only once or twice a day, as reported last month by TheBlaze.

“Due to this, almost 75 percent of the Venezuelan population has lost an average of 19 pounds,” TheBlaze noted. “Additionally, 10 percent of the nation’s children have stopped attending classes due to lack of food and helping their household acquire food by holding their parent’s place in food lines.”

It would appear that the “free education” touted by Moore has not worked out so well for the Venezuelan people. Surprise, surprise. Nor has the “free health care.”

Writing for American Thinker last year, Jeannie DeAngelis spoke of a 5-year-old baby named Jose who was in needed of a complicated heart operation but whose family was turned away from the “free” hospital “because of old broken down equipment and the high cost of treating him.”

Below is a picture of this young boy:

Take a good look, Mr. Moore, because Jose is one of the millions of Venezuelans who have been condemned to otherwise preventable pain and suffering because of the socialism you so ignorantly promote.

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Source: conservativetribune.com