Michael Keaton Fires Off Epic Message to Liberals Who Just Accused Him of Racism

Michael Keaton Fires Off Epic Message to Liberals Who Just Accused Him of Racism

It seems at times like the perpetually offended liberal snowflakes are able to find racism in virtually anything, and Sunday night’s Golden Globes awards show was no exception.

According to Entertainment Tonight, actor Michael Keaton was announcing the finalists for the Best Supporting Actress award when he made a slip of the tongue that some have imbued with racial intent.

Keaton’s terrible social injustice was to combine the titles of “Fences” and “Hidden Figures” — two films predominantly about black Americans that were nominated for numerous awards — to say “Hidden Fences.”

You can watch his mistake here:


TMZ exclusively reported that Keaton was confronted after the awards show by paparazzi over the social media imbroglio, a Twitter dust-up that Keaton seemed both shocked and amused to have apparently initiated.

“I’m sorry, I screwed up. Are they making a big deal?” he asked the gathered journalists.

Told it had gone viral, Keaton could only say “Wow,” before tilting his head toward the cameras and sarcastically adding, “I’m a horrible person. I’m a horrible person. Really I am.”

As he entered his waiting car he added with a smile, “I’m gonna sleep pretty well.”

You can watch his response here:


The Independent Journal Review noted that Keaton’s bemused and sarcastic response was quite different from that issued by Jenna Bush Hagar, the former first daughter turned NBC “Today” show correspondent, who made the same mistake as Keaton earlier in the night while interviewing celebrities on the red carpet ahead of the show.

While speaking with singer-songwriter Pharrell Williams, who was nominated for Best Original Score for his work on “Hidden Figures,” Hagar also combined the titles of the two films, and was also accused on social media of racism for saying “Hidden Fences.”

Rather than shake it off with a bit of sarcasm like Keaton, Hagar instead went on “Today” Monday morning and issued a near tearful apology to everyone who may have been offended by her mistake, which was most likely just caused by being overly excited, as it was her first time being on the red carpet.

The entire issue is ridiculous, so we are inclined to lean toward Keaton’s response to the overblown reaction to his mistake, which is to essentially reject the premise of the question, patronizingly apologize to the precious melting snowflakes, then let them know that no sleep would be lost over their hurt feelings.

If only more people in Hollywood would adopt Keaton’s attitude, maybe there wouldn’t be so many people utterly losing their minds over non-issues all the time.

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