Miami-Dade County Rescinds ‘Sanctuary’ Status After Trump Threats

Miami-Dade County Rescinds Sanctuary Status After Trump Threats

“Sactuary” status has been lifted from Miami-Dade County, Florida, due to President Trump’s threats to pull federal funding from the county.“Sanctuary” meant that the county refused to cooperate with federal immigration officials, a status which has been officially lifted after a 9-3 vote passed to end the county’s sanctuary status.

USA Today reports:

Dozens of people lashed out at Gimenez and the commission, calling his order a betrayal against residents of a county where the majority of people are foreign-born. One by one, in English and Spanish and fighting through occasional tears, Miami-Dade residents pleaded with the commission to vote down the resolution.

Attorneys challenged the legality of the mayor’s order. Human rights advocates said the order would traumatize families. Undocumented immigrants explained the fear they’re now living with. U.S.-born children whose parents have been deported asked who will raise them. And religious leaders questioned the morality of adopting a policy that punishes the county’s most vulnerable.

After the commission voted, dozens stormed out of the hearing, chanting, “Shame on you.”

President Trump is hitting “sanctuary” cities where it hurts, threatening to end federal funding for any jurisdiction which refuses to cooperate with federal officials in their investigation of illegal immigrants.

The county began steps towards cooperation just as Trump was taking office.

The Blaze reports:

The move finalized a motion Gimenez began in January when he directed all county jails and law enforcment authorities to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

“Miami-Dade County is not, has never considered itself, a sanctuary community,” Gimenez said. “What Miami-Dade County is, is a community with a large immigrant population that we are very proud of.”

Trump has promised to come down hard on sanctuary areas. He signed an executive order last month that sought to end federal funding for cities and states that usurp the federal government’s jurisdiction on immigration and shield illegal immigrants.

Miami-Dade’s decision proves that Trump’s orders work, and surely more “sanctuaries” will fall.

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