Miami Becomes First Major “Sanctuary” City to Formally Drop Status

Miami Becomes First Major Sanctuary City to Formally Drop Status

After county commissioners in Miami-Dade, Florida, voted Friday to uphold Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s Jan. 26 order to comply with President Donald Trump’s crackdown on “sanctuary cities,” some residents reacted in typical liberal fashion.

Hundreds reportedly filled the County Hall and demanded that commissioners rescind the law, shouting “shame on you.”

The Miami New Times reported that the 9-to-3 vote culminated a month of arguing among residents, immigration activists and elected representatives. Protests even included a hunger strike by seven activists.

Fox News reported that several people gave emotional testimonies, speaking out against the order, including school-age children of those who had been deported. Four young girls and a boy also reportedly stood holding hands with Nora Sandigo, who has a foundation that helps children whose parents have been deported.

“These kids are orphans because they took their parents away from them. I can’t stand this much pain,” Sandigo said.

Before the vote, the Cuban-born mayor defended his decision and said the county’s police would not actively chase potential illegal immigrants or ask those arrested for their immigration status. But Miami-Dade authories will hold detainees who had already been flagged by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

He added that most of the people who have been flagged had previously committed crimes.

“Look. I am an immigrant myself,” Gimenez said. “I can assure our residents that I will not comply with any executive order that will unfairly put our law-abiding immigrants at risk.”

In the end, it appeared that the county commission decided that compliance with the president’s order was best after the Trump administration said in January that it would cut off federal funding to cities that gave sanctuary to illegal immigrants.

Miami-Dade County was the first major metropolitan area to drop its sanctuary status, and it could be start of a trend that liberals hate to think about.

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