Mexico Will Be Furious When They See Trump Invited Victims of Illegals to Speech to Congress

Mexico Will Be Furious When They See Trump Invited Victims of Illegals to Speech to Congress

Whereas Democrats have reportedly invited illegal immigrants to sit with them at President Donald Trump’s speech Tuesday night to a joint session of Congress, the president and his wife, Melania, have opted for another route.

As reported by CNN, the couple has invited the families of three American citizens murdered by illegal immigrants to sit beside Melania as her husband speaks.

Two of the guests, Jessica Davis and Susan Oliver, are widows of a detective and a sheriff’s deputy who were killed by an illegal immigrant during a shooting and car-jacking rampage three years ago. The suspect, who was deported twice but sneaked back in each time, was awaiting trial in California.

After the murder of Davis’ and Oliver’s spouses in 2014, Congress introduced an immigration enforcement bill, the Davis-Oliver Act, that would have empowered law enforcement with the resources needed to combat illegal immigration, as reported at the time by the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

The bill, unfortunately, never gained traction in Congress, perhaps due to the certainty that then-President Barack Obama would undoubtedly veto it.

Speaking in defense of this bill while on the campaign trail last year, Trump said it would “enhance cooperation with state and local authorities to ensure that criminal immigrants and terrorists are swiftly really, swiftly identified and removed and they will go fast, believe me, they’re going to go fast.”

The last of the three guests, Jamiel Shaw Sr., lost his 17-year-old son nine years ago to an illegal immigrant murderer. Shaw was a staunch supporter of Trump during the presidential election and even spoke during the Republican National Convention last summer.

The sharp contrast between the Democrats’ guests and the Trumps’ guests is quite remarkable. Democrats want to honor illegal immigrants, all of whom are criminals by default, whereas the Trumps are honoring the deceased victims of illegal immigrant criminals.

One party speaks on behalf of lawless thugs, while the other party represents the millions upon millions of law-abiding, rightful American citizens who just want to live their lives in peace without having to worry about being victimized by crime.

Which side is America really on? Do we really need to ask?

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