Mexican Smugglers Abandon Little Girl in the High Desert

Mexican Smugglers Abandon Little Girl in the High Desert

United States Border Patrol agents see a number of strange things every day when they are on duty. However, they occasionally see evidence of just how cruel and horrible the gangs smuggling migrants across the border can be.

Border Patrol agents in the El Centro Station in Southern California intercepted a group of illegals crossing the border with a 4-year-old girl. When approached by the agents, the illegals fled, but abandoned the girl, Breitbart reported.

“Who in their right mind abandons a 4-year-old little girl in the middle of a vast desert?” Assistant Chief Patrol Agent David S. Kim asked. “It sickens me to think that someone would leave a child that young to fend for herself.”

The girl was picked up by Border Patrol agents and was in good health. She had her birth certificate and information about her parents on her, so identification was quite easy in this case. NBC San Diego reported that the girl was from Guatemala.

It takes a truly sick person to simply abandon a 4-year-old in the middle of the desert. These despicable human smugglers are exactly what liberals are promoting when they try to stop efforts to curb illegal immigration.

According to The Desert Sun, reported that the girl is being taken care of by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services until immigration authorities determine what to do with her.

Instead of promoting this sort of human trafficking, liberals should be working with Republicans to curb illegal immigration so that immigrants willing to abandon children in the desert don’t continue to cross the border every day.

Illegal immigration encourages crime and gives power to some of society’s most twisted individuals. Bringing an end to illegal immigration will undoubtedly save many more migrants from being abandoned in the desert and left to die by heartless Mexican thugs.

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