Mexican Politician Pulls Publicity Stunt on Border Wall, Mocks Trump

Mexican Politician Pulls Publicity Stunt on Border Wall Mocks Trump

A Mexican politician pulled a publicity stunt to mock President Donald Trump’s plans to build a border wall between Mexico and the United States, but the stunt missed one huge thing. This is what it looks like to fail miserably.

Mexican Congressman Braulio Guerra, a representative from the state of Querétaro, climbed a border fence along a beach in Tijuana that was about 30 feet high. He then pulled out a camera and began recording his statement about the climb. Guerra spoke in Spanish, but Fox News translated the video as follows:

“I was able to scale it, climb it, and sit myself right here,” he said. “It would be simple for me to jump into the United States, which shows that it is unnecessary and totally absurd to build a wall. It’s easy, and it shows how unnecessary this project, this political rhetoric from Donald Trump, is.”

He mocked the idea of Trump’s border wall claiming that if people wanted to get in illegally they could basically just climb the wall … Which they are already doing, and that’s Trump’s point. But putting that aside, Guerra seemed to miss one major fact: Trump’s wall is not yet built.

“You can climb it with great ease, one climbs in an instant,” Guerra said. “I climbed it in Tijuana, one of the highest parts. Even from a distance, this looks very complex, but there are young people that go up and down at all times.”

Again, people go up and down it all the time, which is why Trump plans to build a secure wall which would be taller and more stable than this wall Guerra climbed and claims that others climb frequently.

This stunt does not prove anything other than the Mexican government really has no idea what they are doing with border security and should leave the important stuff to people who know how to secure a country.

Donald Trump’s wall will be nothing like what is portrayed here, and we are doubtful anyone would be able to climb it with such… “ease.” Though we want to point out, we never did actually see Guerra climbing.

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