Mexican Officials Find Radio Transmitters Along Border Wall

Mexican Officials Find Radio Transmitters Along Border Wall

Authorities in the Mexican border state of Coahuila have reportedly discovered an underground communication network of radio transmitters that were reportedly being used by the Los Zetas cartel to remain in constant contact and relay the position of law enforcement agents.

“The two radio repeaters and other equipment were found by police in various houses throughout the city” of Piedras Negras, which lies directly on the border, Breitbart reported.

“Authorities did not release the exact addresses, claiming they are currently investigating the homeowners for criminal ties,” Breitbart added.

Below is a map showing the exact location of Piedras Negras:

Not much else is known about this particular set of equipment, but it is a long-established fact that cartels use communication networks to “coordinate drug shipments, monitor their rivals and orchestrate attacks on the security forces,” according to NPR.

Moreover, the network discovered by authorities in Coahuila was nothing compared to the larger ones found by the Mexican military, which six years ago located 167 antennas and 150 repeaters that “provided cartel members with cellphone and radio communications across four northeastern states.”

What these networks do is provide the cartels with an advantage over incoming border agents. If President Donald Trump’s border wall were to be constructed, however, this advantage would perhaps be at least somewhat diminished by the immense amount of time it would take cartel members to climb across a portion of the wall — assuming they could.

As for the network themselves, the United States lacks the authority to do much of anything about them, as they are located along the Mexican side of the border.

It should also be noted that the Los Zetas cartel has not been the only one to employ such networks. The New York Daily News reported in 2011 that the Sinaloa cartel and the Barrios Azteca street gang used them as well.

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