Mexican Cartel Stashing Grenade Launchers, Bullet Proof Vests and Drugs at the Border

Mexican Cartel Stashing Grenade Launchers Bullet Proof Vests and Drugs at the Border

A Mexican citizen journalist reporting out of the border area said that authorities had intelligence that drug cartels have been stockpiling grenade launchers, according to Breitbart.

The journalist, identified only as “J.M. Martinez,” said that police in the border city of Piedras Negras, in the Mexican state of Coahuila, received a tip about a business being used by the murderous Los Zetas drug cartel to stockpile a cache of weapons.

They managed to get a search warrant and raided a junkyard. They didn’t find any of the gunmen involved in the racket, but did locate five “Soviet-era rocket-propelled grenades, a launcher, 15 tactical vests with bulletproof metal plates, assault rifles, various loaded ammunition magazines, 19 marijuana bundles, and an SUV without license plates,” according to Breitbart.

And here they say marijuana is supposed to make you mellow.


The apparent haul.

Piedras Negras is right on the U.S.-Mexican border, across from Eagle Pass, Texas. Martinez claimed that the city was controlled by the Cartel Del Noreste faction of the Los Zetas, which is fighting with the Los Zetas Vieja Escuela faction over drug trafficking routes into the United States.

It could be that these grenade launchers were intended for that battle. Or, it could be an impressive work of fiction, given the unconfirmed nature of the report. But the fact that this is credible shows just how desperate the situation at our southern border is.

Liberal commentators balked when President Donald Trump used the phrase “American carnage” during his inaugural speech. Yet, is there any doubt that the situation caused by drug trafficking and open borders is anything less than that?

It’s bad enough when we only have to worry about drugs and migrants being smuggled into our country illegally. Could it be grenade launchers next?

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