MENTALLY ILL: Hillary Tells INSANE Story About Time Trump “Stalked” Her


Many Americans have known for quite some time that Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton isn’t all there. All you have to do is listen to her policy positions to know that she is a few cards short of a full deck.

On Friday Clinton showed the world just how insane she was when she went on “Ellen” and proclaimed to the entire world that Republican nominee Donald Trump had been stalking her on stage during the second presidential debate, Politico reported.

“First, it was clear that my opponent, Donald Trump, was going to try to, you know, dominate the space, almost to the exclusion of the people who were sitting there,” Clinton explained.

She went on to say that Trump was probably frustrated over the then-just released tape of him making lewd comments about women.

Discussion about the tape took up almost the first 30 minutes of the debate because the moderators couldn’t get enough of trying to destroy Trump’s candidacy.

“And so he was really trying to dominate and then literally stalk me around the stage. And I would just feel this presence behind me, and I, you know, I thought, ‘Whoa, this is really weird.’ And so I was just trying to stay focused,” she said.

If Clinton thinks that what Trump was doing was stalking, she needs to get some serious help. These are the sorts of comments you would expect an delusional paranoid person to make — not comments you want to hear out of a presidential candidate.

You can watch the full video here:

Clinton has claimed to stand up for women who have been assaulted throughout her campaign, but her comments belittle women who have actually been stalked in real life by trivializing it and making it seem ridiculous.

If Trump had claimed that Clinton stalked him, Clinton would have immediately accused him of sexism.

Having your opponent walk around on stage and follow you to go listen to an audience member’s question isn’t stalking, it’s called politics. Clinton should know that.

If Donald Trump’s onstage behavior was enough to intimidate Hillary Clinton, maybe she’s not who America needs facing off against Russia and the Islamic State group.

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  1. I doubt very seriously that Trump was stalking her, I watched the whole thing and quite honestly it did not bother me or most of my friends either, if anything Clinton would have done the same thing, if her health allowed her!!