Melania Trump’s Approval Number Up 16 Percent Since Inauguration

Melania Trumps Approval Number Up 16 Percent Since Inauguration

Many polls recently have dealt with how Americans think President Donald Trump is doing, but very few polls have actually been conducted about first lady Melania Trump.

However, a new poll has just been released showing that Melania’s approval rating has drastically improved since her husband took the oath of office, CNN reported.

In the CNN/ORC poll, Melania had a 52 percent approval rating, which was a 16-point rise from her approval rating on Inauguration Day.

The increase was partly due to more people recognizing who Melania is. Even during the general election, many people weren’t sure who she was because she was rarely in the spotlight.

For the most part, Melania has stayed off the front page, preferring to remain away from Washington and in New York City with her son, Barron, though she has taken a more public role recently, hosting a few events and accompanying her husband on several trips..

More men than women polled by CNN — 58 percent to 46 percent — viewed the first lady favorably.

As with almost everything in America these days, Melania’s approval is sharply divided along party lines. A whopping 86 percent of Republicans had a favorable opinion of the first lady, while only 22 percent of Democrats did.

It will be interesting to see what Melania’s poll numbers do once she moves into the White House this summer. Once she is living with the president, her public appearances likely will increase.

Melania has made it clear that her priority is her son, not making a splash in the political world. She made very few appearances on the campaign trail, though when she did the crowds usually went wild.

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