Melania Trump Opens Rally With Recital of “The Lord’s Prayer”

Melania Trump Opens Rally With Recital of The Lords Prayer

It didn’t take long for leftists to attack first lady Melania Trump for reciting “The Lord’s Prayer” at her husband’s rally in Florida on Saturday.

She took to the stage at the Orlando Melbourne International Airport before President Donald Trump and asked the 9,000 supporters to “let us pray,” before reciting the prayer.

The crowd loved it. But atheists and progressives held a different perspective, and took to social media to spew their hate.

Noticing that Trump appeared to read the prayer from a piece of paper, some questioned her religious devotion.

Some on social media have also claimed that she violated the “establishment of religion” clause in the Constitution, but that’s because they don’t completely understand the clause. Liberals don’t understand many things, but that doesn’t stop them from complaining about them.

They simply need any reason to complain.

Some even assumed that because she didn’t appear to know the prayer by heart, she wasn’t a Christian.

Others took time to attack the president as well.

The attacks against the first lady represent the heart of liberalism, and how it thrives on hate.

In case you missed it, a video of Melania reciting the prayer is below:

It’s no surprise atheists and leftists attacked Trump for reciting the prayer. They have repeatedly tried to eliminate God from daily discourse, and they try at every opportunity to quash even the slightest hint of Christianity.

These kinds of attacks demonstrate just how much the left loves to preach about tolerance and acceptance but never have any intention of following through on those grandiose ideals. They want to appear tolerant, but their words and actions reveal how truly hypocritical they are.

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