Megyn Kelly Goes After Breitbart Contributor, Instantly Learns She’s Made HUGE Mistake


In response to Fox News host Megyn Kelly lambasting her as “a hateful person,” Pamela Geller has penned a hard-hitting viral column blasting the host for being an egomaniac with no appreciation for the First Amendment.

“Why am I hateful for standing for the First Amendment?” Geller, a fierce critic of Islamic extremism, wrote for Breitbart. “Is she copying the tactics of Islamic propagandists, smearing as ‘hateful’ those of us who refuse to submit to the most brutal and extreme ideology on the face of the earth?”

What Kelly specifically said was that Geller was a “provocateur” who, despite her “hateful” demeanor, had the right to criticize Islam however she saw fit. The host made the statement during an interview with NPR, as reported by NPR affiliate WUNC.

Continuing her Breitbart column, Geller noted that Kelly had never invited her to appear on Fox News for an interview.

“She covered the jihad attack against our free speech event in Texas for over a week but did not have me on,” she wrote, referencing a Draw Muhammad contest she held in 2015 that wound up drawing the attention of would-be terrorists.

“Meanwhile, the scallywags, scoundrels, and misanthropes to whom she gives a platform on her show are reprehensible,” she continued, pointing specifically to documentary filmmaker and author Michael Moore, who on previous occasions has drawn a false equivalence between Islam and Christianity.

Geller ended her column by sharing her wish that Kelly’s massive ego would get “the better of her” and convince her to drop Fox News and switch to another network, as rumors have suggested she might.

Geller had a point. All she has done during her career is voice legitimate criticisms of a religion that has in reality been dogged by violence, slavery, murder and terrorism galore.

If simply pointing out these facts makes her “hateful,” then we have a problem.

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