Megyn Kelly Explains The Reason For Fox News’ High Ratings


Fox News is enjoying some of its highest ratings and Megyn Kelly, host of The Kelly File, believes she knows why.

On a Kelly File special, she credited the network’s fair coverage of President-elect Donald Trump as a key reason for its success.

The episode, which aired Monday, included a panel discussion on Trump and his reaction to the news media.

Kelly discussed the conflicts between herself and Trump.

“In a way it was a gift because I never needed access and I could just cover him fairly without having to worry about any blow-back. … And our viewers rewarded us,” she said. “You know our ratings stayed high all year. I think people still respond to fair journalism. They understand what’s really going on.”

Kelly also commented on the fact that during the campaign, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton continually refused to come on The Kelly File although Kelly asked “50 ways from Sunday” to get her to agree to an interview.

“All of her time out there saying what a fantastic journalist I am, which she was using because she knew Trump had attacked me, she was using to try to curry favor with certain voting blocs,” Kelly said.

She said she thought Clinton was “scared” while “her team didn’t want to ‘legitimize’ Fox News.”

When the discussion turned to Trump’s “blacklisting” of certain members of the media, Kelly reminded the panel that President Obama and Clinton also had a blacklist, including people at Fox.

She continued, saying, “People who didn’t call her out at all are now shocked and horrified that Donald Trump might not sit with certain news reporters or organizations.”

Panel member David Zurawik, speaking of Trump’s handling of the news media as president, said, “It’s not going to be pretty.”

He remarked that Trump “doesn’t need the media” because he has “found this sweet spot” between TV coverage and social media.

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