Megyn Kelly Blames Dan Scavino for Violent Threats Against Her


Fox News host Megan Kelly has come forth with some allegations against one of President-elect Donald Trump’s aides that were shocking to say the least.

Kelly was reportedly speaking about some of the unpleasantness that exists on the internet when she said, “It’s that far corner of the internet that really enjoys nastiness and threats, and, unfortunately, there is a man who works for Donald Trump whose job it is to stir these people up, and that man needs to stop doing that,” The U.K. Guardian reported.

“His name is Dan Scavino,” she added.

“I’ve been under armed guard for 16 months and my children have been under armed guard and it’s not an appropriate price to pay for hard-hitting journalism,” the news host continued.

Kelly made the revelation Monday night at a book signing at Politics and Prose, a Washington, D.C., bookstore, WND reported.

Scavino, a member of the presidential transition team, was director of social media for Trump during the election.

“The worst part is the security threats that I’ve had to face and, as much as I try to avoid some of that online vitriol, I get lots of it and I really hate it,” she said. “I find that stuff just soul-killing.”

This revelation was the latest chapter in the ongoing saga between the journalist and Trump. Ever since the first presidential debate, the two have experienced a stormy relationship, with her accusing him of womanizing and bullying, and him accusing her of unfairness.

The Guardian also reported that Kelly said she’d received death threats and obscene phone calls, saying that when Trump comes after someone with a tweet it can “unleash hell in somebody’s life.”

While this is a developing story, it doesn’t look like things between Kelly and Trump will calm down anytime soon — which is a shame because their feud is getting old.

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