Media Reports Bad Trump Call With Aussie PM, Ignores What Trump Did for Him Afterward

Media Reports Bad Trump Call With Aussie PM Ignores What Trump Did for Him Afterward

The liberal media has been doing everything possible over the past few weeks to try to make it seem like President Donald Trump is failing miserably and the world is collapsing around him.

The latest spin job involved Trump’s phone call with Australia’s Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull. The liberal media claimed the the phone call was a disaster that resulted in Trump hanging up on Turnbull, but both Trump and Turnbull have said otherwise, Newsmax reported.

After Turnbull went on the record stating that the reports about the phone call were wrong, Trump went on Twitter and thanked the prime minister for clearing up the issue.

“Thank you to Prime Minister of Australia for telling the truth about our very civil conversation that FAKE NEWS media lied about. Very nice!” he wrote.

Politico reported that Turnbull stated that the call ended “courteously,” but would not elaborate further as it was a private phone call.

“Look, I’m not going to comment on a conversation between myself and the president of the United States other than what we have said publicly, and you can surely understand the reasons for that,” he said.

After those comments, all of a sudden the liberal media stopped talking about the incident and moved on to something else to try to sabotage Trump.

The entire dispute, if there even was one, came over an agreement between Australia and the United States, signed under President Barack Obama, in which the United States would accept refugees that Australia had been holding, CNBC reported.

Trump was opposed to the deal, but reports indicated that he appeared willing to keep the arrangement with Australia.

Immediately following reports about the phone call, liberals began screaming about how Trump was going to jeopardize our important relationship with Australia (a relationship most Americans are barely aware we have).

Trump has said time and time again that it will America First, and that our enemies, and our allies, need to accept that. Despite the liberal doomsday scenarios, our relationship with Australia isn’t going to be doomed over 1,000 refugees.

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