MEDIA CONSPIRACY: Big Media Exposed Working With Hillary


One of the biggest revelations to emerge from the past two weeks of daily document dumps from WikiLeaks that has gone virtually unreported by the mainstream media is the one that involved the mainstream media themselves.

It has been shown through multiple emails to and from top campaign staffers for Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton that purportedly neutral and objective journalists from a variety of venues have been essentially working together with the campaign to pursue a common goal, namely the election of Clinton and utter defeat of Republican nominee Donald Trump.

According to the Observer, despite a number of these journalists having been exposed for lacking, or at least temporarily setting aside, their supposed integrity as journalists, it doesn’t appear that any of them are paying a price from their colleagues for violating their own industry standards.

Instead, the media have largely circled the wagons to protect their own from pointed questions and criticisms pertaining to their obvious collusion with the Clinton campaign, which ironically only adds more fuel to the now-proven conspiracy theory that they are desperately attempting to debunk and dismiss.

Writers like Glenn Thrush from Politico and Mark Leibovich of The New York Times, as well as talking-head news anchors like CNBC’s John Harwood, were virtually caught red-handed in their efforts to provide assistance to the Clinton campaign, through granting the campaign veto power over their stories or passing along critical information and advice they may not have otherwise obtained in a timely fashion.

In one particularly embarrassing email, Thrush was actually caught apologizing for his coverage of the Clinton campaign.

As the Observer noted (asterisks added):

“Hacked emails reveal that Thrush has apologized to campaign chairman John Podesta for writing a “sh***y” story that embarrassed the operation. In another email, Thrush called himself a ‘hack’ and promised to let Podesta approve parts of his story on the campaign’s fundraising efforts.

“No worries Because I have become a hack I will send u the whole section that pertains to u,” he wrote. “Please don’t share or tell anyone I did this Tell me if I f****d up anything.”

Yet those individuals and others like them remain safe in their respective organizations, free to continue aiding and abetting a campaign shown to have violated seemingly every ethical standard in the book, if not numerous laws as well.

It would be nice if a few of their fellow journalists would call them out on this, but we most certainly won’t be holding our breath waiting for that to happen.

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