MEDIA BLACKOUT: Right After Judge Halted Trump Ban, 100 Syrian Refugees Poured Over Border

Right After Judge Halted Trump Ban 100 Syrian Refugees Poured Over Border

U.S. District Court judge James Robart of Seattle believed so strongly in refugee resettlement that he ordered a temporary halt to President Donald Trump’s order staying immigration from seven countries known to export terrorism.

As a result, 113 immigrants, all Muslim and all from three of those countries, entered the U.S. on Monday. And they all settled in his hometown of Seattle, where the judge could personally have them over for dinner.

Oops. Strike that last sentence. Of course they didn’t. Because no town in its right mind wants to be flooded with potentially unvetted immigrants against its will.

In fact, not a single refugee even went to the state of Washington.

All 113 of Monday’s immigrants were Muslim. An even 100 of the immigrants were from Syria, 12 from Iraq, and one from Somalia, according to Breitbart. Detailed information is also available for a fee at the Refugee Processing Center website.

Seven of the Syrians were resettled in Troy, Oakland County, Michigan, with no advance notification to the city. County Executive L. Brooks Patterson was already dealing with this issue. He told WJR Radio in September that the county’s legal team was preparing an action against the federal government for violating resettlement rules.

Do we know if any of these 113 people are bent on harm? If they intend to pledge their entire allegiance to the United States? If they can be productive, contributing members of our society?

That would be a no.

Almost a quarter — 23 percent — of Muslim Americans involved with extremist plots since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, had family backgrounds from the seven countries named on Trump’s executive order, according to The Associated Press. So the chance that even one of these people is dangerous, and one is one too many, causes rightful concern.

What Judge Robart’s order did not do was remove President Trump’s cap on refugees. The U.S. government operates on a fiscal-year system. During president Barack Obama’s last full fiscal year, 84,995 refugees entered the U.S. Trump’s executive order capped a fiscal year at 50,000 refugees.

Monday’s influx brings our 2017 total to 33,081, meaning at best (or worst, depending on your point of view), only 16,919 more can legally come in.

That’s a very small consolation.

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