McCain Fails Miserably Trying to Make a Joke to Ashton Kutcher Following Emotional Testimony About Human Trafficking

McCain Fails Miserably Trying to Make a Joke to Ashton Kutcher Following Emotional Testimony About Human Trafficking

While we’re not fans of celebrities using their fame to promote political opinions (especially liberal ones), there are times when a famous face can bring attention to a cause that all decent people support.

Wednesday in the U.S.Senate was such a time, when actor, venture capitalist and tech wiz Ashton Kutcher testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about human trafficking.

Kutcher is no lightweight on the subject. He is the co-founder of Thorn, an organization focused on the role of internet technology in global human trafficking, sexual slavery and child exploitation.

Along with other leaders and experts on the issue, Kutcher gave an impassioned and informed speech about the U.S. role in ending the scourge of human trafficking. His plea was direct, emotional and touching.

And so it left viewers stunned that Sen. John McCain of Arizona chose the occasion to make a joke. After Kutcher’s presentation, McCain thanked him for coming, saying, “You were better-looking in the movies.”

Even in the most serious moment, Kutcher can take a joke. He kept his composure and blew McCain a kiss while the audience laughed.

Funny? A little. Appropriate? Not at all. This was the worst possible moment to inject a little levity into the situation. There’s not one thing about human trafficking that invites a joke. We’re sure that Sen. McCain wishes he had a do-over on this one. Here’s the video:

What made it worse was that McCain understands just how serious this issue really is.

The truth is that Kutcher and McCain have long collaborated on this important issue, according to ABC News. Together, Thorn and the McCain Institute created Spotlight, a program used by law enforcement to identify online human trafficking networks.

And as McCain himself said in his remarks at Wednesday’s hearing: “This issue is so terrible. And so heart-wrenching. And so compelling that a lot of times some of us would rather talk about more pleasant things.”

And yet he picks a discussion about that very issue to make a joke with a Hollywood celebrity?

There was plenty of criticism going around on social media. (Note: Some rough language ahead.)

Ouch. Wrong moment.

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