MASSIVE action just started against Hillary by Benghazi families, THIS IS GOING TO BE LAST NAIL IN HER POLITICAL COFFIN!

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The justice is slow but at the end very rarely someone is able to escape from her. Specially in US, in this wonderful country, made almost perfect by our founding fathers with help of god.

But, will Hillary Clinton ever face consequences for her actions? If the conclusion of the FBI investigation into her private email server is any indication, one would be inclined to think not. Indeed, most of us expected an indictment was coming as FBI Director James Comey read off Hillary’s misdeeds, completely destroying the defenses she offered throughout the controversy — only for him to conclude that there was nothing the FBI could do.

It only could’ve gotten worse had Comey concluded, echoing Hillary’s statements during the Benghazi hearings, “what difference, at this point, does it make?”

Speaking of Benghazi, while the government hasn’t held Hillary responsible for her inaction during the attacks, the families of the victims aren’t going to let this scandal die, like all of Hillary’s others over the decades. As the Boston Herald reports:

Parents of two Benghazi victims have sued Hillary Clinton, arguing that she caused the death of their sons and later defamed them in statements made to the media, according to court documents.

“During her campaign for President, Defendant Clinton has negligently, recklessly, and/or maliciously defamed Plaintiffs by either directly calling them liars, or by strongly implying that they are liars, in order to protect and enhance her public image and intimidate and emotionally harm and silence them not to speak up about the Benghazi attack on at least four separate occasions,” Larry Klayman, an attorney for the families, wrote in his complaint.

The suit was brought by Charles Woods and Pat Smith, parents of Benghazi victims Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith, respectively.
The suit also suggests Clinton’s use of a private server to handle classified emails could have contributed to the deaths. A Hillary organizer says that she’s an intersectional feminist — and even her scandals are intersectional, apparently.

“Having used a secret private email server that we now know was used to communicate with Ambassador Christopher Stevens with confidential and classified government information, and which we also now know was likely hacked by hostile adversaries such as Iran, Russia, China and North Korea aligning with terrorist groups, it is clear that Hillary Clinton allegedly negligently and recklessly gave up the classified location of the plaintiffs’ sons, resulting in a deadly terrorist attack that took their lives,” Klayman said in a statement.

How will this play out? To paraphrase Marco Rubio, if this ends in the worst case scenario for Hillary, she’ll be the first President to pardon herself.

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