Marine Gets Right Up In Bill Clinton’s Face, ‘4 MARINES DIED IN BENGHAZI AND YOUR WIFE LIED TO…’


When a MARINE gets in your face, then you know it’s SERIOUS BUSINESS.

As was the case at a South Carolina rally for Hillary Clinton, where a Marine let Bill Clinton know how he felt about Hillary.

To the shock and awe of many people, Bill Clinton wanted the Marine and the woman to stay and be heard, but security wouldn’t let that happen.

Conservative Post – When Bill Clinton visited Bluffton, South Carolina to rally people to vote for Hillary, a former Marine Drill Sgt., caught Bill off guard raising his voice to be heard, “we had four Americans die in Benghazi and your wife lied to cover it up!” Hillary supporters booed and yelled “she did not lie,” but he raised his voice to be heard.

What was the subconscious reason for that? Was it because Bill Clinton agreed with the people in the crowd or was it Bill simply acting like a human being, having a heated conversation with people?

Does Bill Clinton agree with the public in regards to the Benghazi situation in which Hillary Clinton is being blamed for the ultimate sacrifice of four people who didn’t receive any help from her?

I can’t tell if there’s just a friendly humane side of Bill Clinton or a deep rooted faction of guilt residing deep in his body.

If you were married to the woman being blamed for the Benghazi deaths, then wouldn’t you try to avoid any conversation regarding it? Or is this smoke and mirrors? Is he actively talking about it to mask guilt? Actively discussing it to help the Americans deeply affected by it come to a resolve and closure?

What’s really going on? There’s something going on in this deeply secretive and often delusional world of politics.

Will we ever know the truth?

A woman asked Bill Clinton – “did she lie?” and I would love for a behavior analyst to observe the response.




  1. Get escorted out cause they speak the truth. BILL WAS stumbling all over his words. The old saggy waste of our time is only here for greed and power.