Manager Makes Startling Announcement at Waffle House, Shocked Woman Quickly Snaps Pic


To Paige Price, her meal at a Florida Waffle House was just supposed to be another trip to the legendary Southern food chain. Instead, during Price’s visit to the Panama City outlet, she witnessed something so moving she decided to share it with the rest of the world.

According to Price, the manager of the Waffle House told the patrons that it was a shift change. However, he also informed them that since the shift was changing, the staff would be praying.

And so they did — the entire Waffle House staff gathered into a prayer circle in the midst of all the customers.


Price had her smartphone handy, and she managed to snap a picture of the event — a typical one at the Panama City Waffle House, apparently, but unusual most everywhere else in America in this day and age.

“I’m pretty sure I had a very weird look on my face because I had to ask myself a few times if this was real, if they were really about to pray before each of them went (their) separate ways, if they were really about to PRAY and not care who they (offended),” Price wrote in a Facebook post. 

“They gathered in their little circle, spoke a soft prayer, and went on about their business. Why am I posting this? The world that Ive grown up in for 23 years is changing fast and to see this just made my heart smile,” she added.

“Maybe there’s hope for our country after all,” Price concluded. “I applaud these people for standing up for what they believe in and not worrying about offending others or what others may think/say about them.” (H/T Mad World News

Price’s post seems to have touched a nerve, with over 213,000 shares by Thursday morning. And well it should. In a world where Christian faith is often ridiculed or looked down upon, here was an entire workplace of Christians openly practicing their faith in front of the people they serve for a living.

This should be a lesson for other Christians: you need not be afraid. In fact, the Bible commands you not to be. Go out and spread the good news!

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