Manager of Cheesecake Factory Kicks Out Group of Cops for Being Armed


Let’s play Cheesecake Factory poker. I’ll see your rudeness to our selfless public servants and raise you a lame corporate apology.

Wasn’t that fun? Not so much.

Six law enforcement officers in Tacoma, Washington, three of them in uniform and carrying service weapons, were ordered to leave a Cheesecake Factory restaurant on Tuesday because of the company’s no-firearms policyBlue Lives Matter reported.

Firearms. You know, those things they carry to protect us and save lives, risking their own in the process.

The officers were informed by Will, a shift manager, that they were in violation of the unposted policy, according to The Tacoma Olympian. All of which prompts the question: Why didn’t every other customer get up and leave as a show of support?

Tacoma-area residents expressed outrage at the treatment of the officers, which occurred shortly after a Tacoma police officer was fatally shot on Nov. 30 while responding to a domestic dispute, according to ABC News.

Once word of the incident spread through Facebook, The Cheesecake Factory issued this lame apology:  “(O)ur policy is to allow uniformed and identified law enforcement officials to possess their service weapons on our premises. To the extent that there was a miscommunication of our policy, we sincerely apologize.”

Miscommunication, my foot. It’s far more likely that Will used that shining moment to exert fake authority over real authority. Hopefully it was worth it, as Will is likely eating humble pie for Christmas dessert.

Either Will didn’t know the policy, in which case he should be fired for incompetence, or he intentional ignored it, in which case he should be fired for insubordination. (Oh, OK… it’s Christmas. Final written warning, then.)

Many restaurants and other public places currently post signs giving notice that they are gun-free zones. That’s important, since criminals always follow the rules. Seriously, if you’re a gun-toting nut-job with mayhem on your mind, where are you going to head? That’s right — a gun-free zone. No protection for your victims there.

Let’s hope that The Cheesecake Factory is busy making a better effort to apologize to the officers booted out of their restaurant.

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