Man Wages $52m Lawsuit Against NBC For “Roughing Him Up” During Show


A Donald Trump supporter has filed a $52 million lawsuit against NBC over claims that its security personnel roughed him up.

On Oct. 13, 23-year-old Mark Gallagher of Oakridge, New Jersey, held up a “Bill Clinton is a Rapist” sign and wore a similar T-shirt on camera during a live “Today” show taping at New York’s Rockefeller Plaza.

Gallagher admitted, according to the New York Post, that he did it to get $1,000 from Infowars’ Alex Jones, who pledged to reward anyone who could get their “Bill Clinton Rape” T-shirt on television for at least five seconds.

In the video below, you can see the man holding up the sign right behind co-host Matt Lauer’s head:

Gallagher alleged that five NBC security guards grabbed him by the neck during the broadcast and proceeded to drag him by the arm and leg to hand him over to members of the New York Police counterterrorism force.

Gallagher’s lawsuit said that NBC’s “Goon Squad serves as the personal security detail for liberal douche Alec Baldwin from time to time.”

The day before the “Today” show incident, Gallagher was also able to get on “Good Morning America” according to the Post.

Just about anywhere Bill has gone on the campaign trail lately, particularly throughout October, people with these signs have followed. They have also popped up quite frequently at Hillary Clinton’s rallies.

At a rally in Florida, Clinton flipped out on an individual brandishing the sign that reminded everyone (who needed reminding) of the things her husband has been accused of by multiple women.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have a great deal to answer for, and these signs remind everyone of just that. Hillary should be more concerned about her husband’s actions, alleged and confirmed, as well as her own actions, than she is about some signs — but that’s not who the Clintons are.

If Gallagher was treated the way he has claimed, I hope justice is served. The liberal mainstream media may want to silence questions about Bill Clinton’s disgusting behavior, but obviously many people do not agree — and thank God for that.

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