This Man Married His Dream Girl … Then Left Devastated 48 Hours Later


We often hear the phrase, “Live every day as if it’s your last.” But we don’t take it to heart. We continue on as if the end of our life were in the distant future.

Not so for Jared Brewer, 31, and his best friend and eventual wife, Brittney Ross Brewer, 29, of Portland, Maine.

On their wedding day, they knew their life together would soon end.

You see, Brittney had been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of small-cell cervical cancer. She had only a 30 percent chance of survival.

But that didn’t stop Jared from proposing to Brittney a month later.

Jared and Brittney had met as co-workers for the Portland Corrections Department and had dated for two years. They became each other’s best friend. So Jared, fulfilling Brittney’s dream, ultimately popped the question.

Brittney had no qualms. Her immediate answer was yes.

Brittney had written shortly after receiving her cancer diagnosis that the disease had “opened our eyes to how short life can be and how we shouldn’t waste any moments.”

They had both decided to make the most of their limited time together.

The wedding was a beautiful affair. Family, friends and even some strangers who heard of the couple’s plight had shared its cost.

Additionally, co-workers and community firefighters donated their sick time so Jared and Brittney could spend as much time together as possible while still being paid (H/T Mad World).

The couple was extremely gratified by the amount of love and support they received. Brittney wrote, “It’s been such a true blessing these past few days to see my family and friends coming together … for me.”

Two days after the wedding, inevitably, but still tragically, Brittney died of her disease.

Many times life is best judged by its quality, not by its quantity.

Based on this perspective, Jared and Brittney experienced an extremely beautiful and precious life together.

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