Man Found This Heart-Wrenching Note in Wife’s Checkbook After She Passed Away [PHOTO]


Last week, Cliff Sims, the publisher of Alabama news and politics website Yellowhammer, received the sad news that his “Mimi,” Billie Breland, had passed away at the age of 83.

Breland had struggled with memory issues for years, but things took a turn for the worse after a fall that broke her hip shortly after Thanksgiving.

She began to experience fainting spells and, while family members remained optimistic, she never made it home from the hospital.

By her side throughout that hospital stay, however, was her husband of 60 years, a former Baptist student minister named Jimmy Breland who had “preached at just about every church in the Mississippi Delta,” Sims wrote. (H/T: Yellowhammer)

Breland herself had been a local schoolteacher, so there was no shortage of well-wishers and mourners at her visitation. Hundreds of people reportedly visited the funeral home.

Breland had touched the lives of many, many people — not the least of whom was her husband. Sims wondered how Jimmy would get along without his beloved wife.

But Breland had found a way to help with that, too.

Before she died, she wrote a note and left it in her checkbook where it would be sure to be found after her passing.

Mimi Breland's note

The note, Sims wrote, was not terribly surprising — his Mimi had been an avid note writer, and she was always thinking of things that she could do for other people.

But it must have been very heartening for her grieving husband to read these words of comfort from his wife, who obviously loved him very much — so much so that she is clearly looking forward to spending eternity with him.

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