Man Faces Prison After Giving New Wife “Special” Present She Never Knew About

Man Faces Prison After Giving New Wife Special Present She Never Knew About

A Tennessee man is facing a potentially lengthy term in prison for giving an eternal gift to his new wife that she most certainly did not expect or want from him.

Terrell Boyd met his now ex-wife in 2012, both of them falling instantly in love and marrying just a year later.

Unfortunately, shortly after they tied the knot, the woman began feeling ill much of the time, and eventually went to the hospital to find out what was wrong with her.

While awaiting test results, she returned to the home she shared with her husband and stumbled across something in a dresser drawer that simply horrified her.

The woman found a bottle of medication for the treatment of HIV, and a diagnosis from the doctors shortly thereafter confirmed her worst fears.

According to Mad World News, it turned out that Boyd had been diagnosed with HIV twice, in 2003 and again in 2009, but had never told his wife about his terminal illness.

Because of his deliberate deception, Boyd was arrested and charged with two counts of knowingly transmitting HIV to a sexual partner, then thrown into jail with a $10,000 bond to await trial.

Sadly, this woman fell in love with a man who has essentially given her a death sentence, though with treatment that sentence may be stayed for some time.

Knowingly transmitting HIV to anyone is a horrible thing to do, but for this man to give it to the woman who loved and married him is lower than low. We can only hope he spends the rest of his sick life in prison.

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