Man Dressed As Santa Hands Out Candy In Bank Before Robbing It


We’ve all heard about bad Santas before. However, this one takes the cake — or, should we say the candy cane?

A man who was wearing a Santa Claus mask and handed out candy canes to customers and employees at a bank in Tennessee would eventually end up robbing the institution, according to KTLA-TV.

The robbery took place Wednesday at about 10:00 in the morning, when the unknown man walked into the Memphis City Employee Credit Union in Whitehaven.

WBIR-TV reported that the man walked around and wished several employees of the bank a merry Christmas, handing out candy canes all the while.

However, after spreading what seemed like holiday cheer, the Santa went to the bank teller. He then “handed her a note demanding the money from her cash drawer.”

After getting the cash, the robber walked away from the scene.

You can watch local coverage of the robbery here:

“That’s kinda low,” said Angelo Becton, a Memphis City Employees Credit Union customer who was in the bank at the time of the robbery told WREG-TV in Memphis. “And then come and do something bad like this here? That reflects on the kids.”

“I’m gonna have to go to another credit union,” Becton added, noting that he didn’t have access to his money since the bank was closed. “I hope they catch him. I really do.”

“It’s foolish. It’s the holidays. People are trying to get their gifts and stuff together. It’s just wrong, it’s the wrong time, shouldn’t be happening at all,” said customer Anthony Atkins, who also couldn’t access his money.

And one customer, who wished to remain nameless, was a bit more blunt about what they thought of the candy cane robber.

“Somebody need a job or something,” the customer said.

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