Man In Crowd After London Terrorist Attack Starts Taking Selfies

Man In Crowd After London Terrorist Attack Starts Taking Selfies

On Wednesday, the city of London was brought to a standstill after a brutal terror attack shook what had been a peaceful morning. As of Thursday morning, four people were confirmed dead, including the attacker, and dozens more remain injured.

The attack started when a radicalized British citizen (who had not yet been named) drove his car onto the sidewalk on Westminster bridge, killing two and injuring a number of people, according to The U.K. Guardian. He then slammed the car into the gates of Parliament and stabbed a police officer to death before being was shot to death by other officers.

In the aftermath of this carnage, several people rushed to help the victims, but at least one person decided that rather than do something productive, he would take a selfie, the U.K. Daily Mail reported.

A photo taken on Westminster Bridge of a man with a selfie stick quickly went viral, and not in the good way. Most people who commented on the photo remarked that the image showed how truly sad society had become. Some even suggested various places the man could stick his stick.

With bodies all around, this man chose to take a photo (or video) of himself, perhaps thinking that he could become famous by posting an image of the gruesome scene on Facebook or Instagram.

The New York Daily News noted that given the man’s vantage point, it is possible he was trying to take photos of the scene rather than of himself. Regardless of which he was trying to do, it was incredibly disrespectful and stupid.

One theory floating on the internet was that the man was a member of the media, the New York Post reported. That theory seemed a little far-fetched, since most professional members of the media wouldn’t resort to using a cellphone on a selfie stick (though, admittedly, it is not unheard of).

Sometimes footage of attacks taking place can actually be helpful to police because it allows them to piece together events, but that’s not what this man was doing. Recording images of bodies on the ground and first responders doing their jobs after the attack is over doesn’t help anyone.

Show some respect for those who lost their lives and those who were injured. That’s the humane thing to do.

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