Man Asked To Be Relieved of His Duties from A Post The Military Knew Nothing About

Man Asked To Be Relieved of His Duties from A Post The Military Knew Nothing About

In Ceheng County, Guizhou Province in China, military officers were floored when 87-year-old He Wenxun requested relief from his duties guarding a secret government air raid shelter, a job he had been faithfully working for more than 40 years, The Daily Caller reported.

The government had completely forgotten about the existence of the air raid shelter.

Not only did He faithfully watch over the air raid shelter, but he did so in secret; not even his children knew what he was doing at any point.

“Now we finally know why he refused to move,” said He Wenxun’s son, according to China Daily. “My father just wanted to stay with the shelter.”

He served without complaint until he deemed his body unfit for service. According to China Daily, he was worried about who would take care of the shelter when he died, so he decided to contact the government.

He finally asked that the government “replace (him) with your fellow soldiers, more young people, as caretakers of an important government secret,” he said, according to Gossiplus.

The site reported that when He was first in command at the shelter in 1975, he had 100 men at his command. But after Mao Zedong passed away in 1976, his command was eventually all reassigned, and he was left alone.

The Chinese People’s Armed Forces honored He in September of 2016, and to his credit, the military inspected the shelter and found it to be in excellent condition.

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