Man Arrested For Hoax Pro-Trump Vandalized Cars And Graffiti


In the weeks following the general election, the liberal media has been salivating over a series of “hate crimes” and racist pieces of graffiti that have popped up all over America.

The media has been quick to blame racist Trump supporters for these acts, despite a shocking lack of evidence. It looks like the media may be eating their own words (again), after a man was arrested for some pro-Trump graffiti in South Philadelphia, reported.

William Tucker, 58, was arrested and charged with spray painting “Trump Rules” and “Black B****” on some storefronts and cars.

Oh, and the most important detail? Tucker is African-American:


In fact, his graffiti may have had nothing to do with the election. A separate article noted that one of the people who had been vandalized was Tucker’s ex-girlfriend. Tucker was identified from surveillance video by her.

Don’t expect to hear this story from the mainstream liberal media. They were so sure that it was Trump supporters who were behind the graffiti, that they could never admit they were wrong.

The New York Daily News ran an article about some of the graffiti in Philadelphia on Nov. 10 referencing several of the pieces of graffiti that Tucker has since been charged with, and they compared the acts to Kristallnacht and claimed that “Nazis” were behind the graffiti — all without a shred of evidence.

The liberal media should focus on doing its job and just report the acts of vandalism, not immediately jump to conclusions to try to fit their own agenda.

It’s incidents like this that cause the American people to simply ignore the liberal media. Time and time again the media has gotten it wrong — and they don’t seem to have learned their lesson.

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